• Investment in Social Responsibility

  • In furtherance of its vitalrole as aleading industrial complex, and as one of the impor tant mainstays of economic growth that Sudan is aspiring to achieve, the complex took the initiative to reactivate the social responsibility by providing support and assistance to the social services programs. In addition to its humanitarian roleofsupporting charitable organizations, patronizing small entrepreneurships, establishing business incubators,as well as other charitable works in favor of the community.
    We contribute to the wellbeing and bolstering the social stability by our production and by creation of  job opportunities for hundreds of Sudanese cadres. Also we play a determinant role in promoting scientific research, patronizing innovators, especially in the areas of innovation. The complex participates effectively in laying the foundations of the technicaland technological activities and supporting the economic and social development processes in the country.
     The social responsibility means that we have to manage our business responsibly and sensitively to achieve long-term success. We strive to create a catalyst for achieving progress in the communities we serve, with special focusing on education, environment and the people who are in need of support.
     Our goal is to have strong relationships with the communities in which we are working, our own people and the organizations cooperating with us in SariaComplex.
    We are also awareof the importance of preserving the natural environment that supports life on Earth for the generations to come, and helps to make true the dream of havinga healthy and happy life. Saria is committed to achieving this goal through the application of the environmentally sound industrial best practices.