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  • Saria Industrial Complex (SIC) is located in the South of Khartoum, and to the West of the Racecourse. SIC is a multi-purpose company, active in the field of industry and trade. The Complex was established in 1996 and started production effectively in 1997 to produce a variety of new goods, intended to boost development and growth in the country and contribute to increasing the added-value of some local products, as leather and textiles products, which are produced by several factories to make up all together one of the largest industrial complexes in Sudan.

    Saria Industrial Complex produces more than 60 diversified products, including household appliances, electronic and electrical equipment, footwear, plastic products, garments, car batteries and packaging materials.
    During the last five years, these factories have grown remarkably and steadily, and thus they created new job opportunities, as well as the diversification of their products to include televisions and air conditioners, refrigerators, shoes and various plastic products, garments car batteries as well as embarking on complementary industries such as textiles, tanneries and lead   smelting.

    To lead and localize the electronic ; leather ; plastic and textile industries and to constitute a solid basic for the strategic industries in the country .

    To manufacture and produce  a variety of high quality products aiming to satisfy our customer, locally and regionally, to offer services to our community in a friendly environment.

      - Honesty  in words and deeds .
      - Faithfulness to covenants.
      - Customer comes first (our customers are our partners).
      - Excellence, Perfection and team spirit.
      - Professionalism and keeping up with progress.
      - Encouraging creattivity and innovation.
      - Ideal friendship with the environment and the community.

    Components of the Complex:-
      - Electronics factory:produceselectronic units, with a design capacity of 700 units in a shift.
      - SemacoCompany: producesair conditioners with a production capacity of 120 units per day as well as 50 refrigerators and freezers.
      - Shoes factory: for the production of all types of military footwear with a production capacity of 1000 boots per day.
      - Ready-made clothing factory: for production of all types of military clothing and accessories with a production capacity of one milliongarments per annum.
      - Plastic Factory: dragline for the production of various sizes of HDPE and PVC pipes, hoses for dripping irrigation, beside the plastic injection moldingline for the production of various types of plastic products such as chairs, TV covers.... etc.
      - Car battery factory: to produce zero-maintenance liquid batteries of 40 - 200 ampswith a production capacity of 400batteries a day (8-hour shift).SariaLead Smelter:witha production capacity of 10 tons of lead per day.
      - Saria International Company: for the production of leather with a production capacity of 63,000 feet per day، and production of  military boots with a production capacity of 1000boots per day and also for the production of civilian and women'sfootwear as much as 3000 shoes per day.

    Fields of activity:-
    TheComplex works in the following areas:
    1-  Textile industry
    2-  Tanningof leather and leather Industries
    3-  Plastic industry
    4-  Electronics
    5-  Household appliances

    Quality Management Systems

    In perusing its endeavors to localize and develop plastics and electronics industries in Sudan, and thus providing high quality products, projected to contribute to the growth of the national industry, the complex is committed to the application of quality management systems (QMS) in 2007 in accordance with ISO-9001 - 2008, and with the enviromental management  system (EMS) ISO 2004-1400, as well as with the standards of Occupational Health and Safety Managment (BS-OHSAS 18001 - 2004).

    Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policies:

    We, in Saria Industrial Complex, are committed to meet the requirements and  aspirations of customers in terms of the qualityof our products and performance, and we pledge to work together with our employees, suppliers