• Lead smelter Factory

  • The lead smelter was inaugurated on the 9th of January 2011 by the Minister of Industry with a design capacity of 10 tons of lead.

    The plant produces raw plastic and the lead, which is the main substancefor manufacturingcar batteries. This factory is considered as one of the recent remarkable achievements of Saria complex. It takes partin trainingof students and graduates of universities and higher institutes, a thing whichimproves theirperformance, skills and competencies in all fields. Thus, accelerates the process of development in Sudan.

    In this factory there are two production lines:

    The first line: is for the production of leadof purity degree reaches up to 99.97.

    The factory rests on the state-of- the art machineryused in lead smelting, manufactured by the Indiancompany Gravita Exim Limited which is specialized in manufacturing lead smelting machines.


    The second line:isfor the production of plastic.One of its most important features isthat it contains an environmental processing unit for removing and treatinglead residues(which are environmentally harmful) and thisspecificity may be aunique of its kind in the region.